Kevin and Pam's Winter Engagement Photography

We are so excited to be working with Kevin and Pam for their wedding and they wanted something unique for their engagement photos. It's not every day that we have a wedding couple brave enough to face the cold weather and head out for an engagement session in the snow. We love creative photography and this session took us outside the box and literally laying in the snow to get some great photos and amazing angles. After we finished edited their engagement pictures, we were talking about how we need to convince more couples to get outside during the winter and be forced to snuggle up to stay warm. Their wedding is this summer, so they will have quite the contrast between their wedding photos and engagement photos. If you're looking to get engagement photos done, don't always wait for the perfect day. Be brave and venture into the rain, snow or crazy wind. Your photos will be creative, unique and something truly special. Below is about 50 photos out of the 250 we provided them in their custom photo gallery. We only spent an hour with them, but got a ton of great photos!

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