Environmental Headshots and Professional Portraits - Columbus, Ohio

Environmental Headshots are one of the fastest growing genres in headshot photography and corporate portraiture. Environmental portraiture is a portrait of a person in their familiar surroundings such as an office, on the job or in the field. The location should be a reflection of what the person does or who they are. This is my favorite type of headshot as it portrays the story of who they are and shows their typical workspace. We are able to be a bit more creative and bring the necessary lighting to your business / place of work.  Make your headshot or corporate image stand out from the crowd with an environmental portrait. Find out why we are Ohio's most trusted photographer. We would love to work for you!

Robb McCormick Photography is an award winning photographer based out of Columbus, Ohio. Specializing in Wedding Photography, Corporate and Business Photography, Senior Portraits, Headshots, Events and more. We are proud to be rated one of the best photographers in Ohio.