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Fall Engagement Session

Fall engagement photos always end up being some of our favorites. Many couples come into an engagement session with a mixture of nerves, excitement, and apprehension. Often times, we find the majority of people are a bit afraid of the camera. We always use engagement sessions as a warm-up for their wedding day. This session is when we jump in and help educate people how to look good in front of a camera, how to relax, and how to actually enjoy having their photos taken. We help coach couples to interact with one another so that they appear easy on camera and learn how to forget about us! On their wedding day, they know what to expect and are much less anxious about photos.

Collin and Vanessa's fall engagement was about as easy as it gets. This couple exuded confidence and love from the first moments of our shoot. They had such a wonderful time being together, and were actually able to forget we were there and really focus on one another. We just simply helped guide them through to various locations and into certain flattering positions and they did the rest. We are so excited for their upcoming June wedding!

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